learning my lines. . .: Facebook and Kids Under 13. . . Not A Good Idea. . .

The latest post from Walt Mueller on Facebook’s plan to lower the age restriction for membership. I agree with Walt that it is too young, but no matter what the decision is, Facebook is a big question when it comes to Jr. High ministry.

There are questions on whether or not to promote your events, specifically through Facebook considering around half of our students will be too young to see them. There are questions on how to address students that are under age and have active Facebook profiles and there are questions about what it says to the students and the parents if we do not address these questions from a Christian perspective.

What are your thoughts on Facebook’s latest possible tweak to their website?

Have a look at Walt’s post below.

We are learning more and more about the biophysiology of the human brain. Do we really think that removing options for spending time in play, human interaction, reading, writing, etc. and replacing them with static time in front of a screen is a good thing? Take a look around your neighborhood this summer. If your neighborhood is like mine, you’re seeing fewer and fewer kids playing outside. It’s not because there are fewer kids. It’s because there are fewer kids playing outside with each other because they are inside glued to some kind of screen. Do we really need more of that? Let’s give it a few years here until these kids grow up and the research starts to roll in. I’ve got a strong more-than-a-hunch that our mistakes and foolishness will be exposed. Little kids are extremely vulnerable. They’re brains are forming. Why would we risk endangering them at the level of their developmental vulnerabilities?


learning my lines. . .: Facebook and Kids Under 13. . . Not A Good Idea. . ..


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