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Crucial Lessons On Casting Vision – Pete Wilson

How do you cast vision in your Jr. High ministry?


As I’m casting the vision to them I read their body language. What makes them squirm? What makes their eyes sparkle? At what point do they lean across the table wanting to hear more? While the vision is the vision, how I say it and the order I say it in is important and I often readjust quite a bit just by watching people in these mini-environments.

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How to Lead Yourself Every Day – Blog –

A great article from MinistryGrid. I really enjoyed the reflection questions and plan to use them with my #kidmin leaders.


We refer to this tool as “checking your RPM’S.”  This tool is based on Luke 2:52 that says, “Jesus grew in wisdom (mental) and stature (physical), and in favor with God (spiritual) and men (relational).”  So for the last couple years on a daily basis I have put at the top of my journal these four letters: R (relational), P (physical), M (mental) and S (spiritual) and given myself a 1-10 rating.


How to Lead Yourself Every Day – Blog –

#VBSatTPC – A Look Back : Mentoring the next generation of student leaders in #KidMin | The Emerging Network

An example of how we promoted a mentorship model in our VBS staff and children this past summer.


A highlight for the leaders this summer was creating a mentorship model of leadership that ran from the youngest child to the oldest volunteer. Older children were given opportunities to lead games for the younger ones to show them that they had the gifts and talents to be a leader too. Our goal was that every child and volunteer would have a three people teaching him or her leadership principles and they would teach one person themselves.

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Book Review – Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof | The Emerging Network

Biblically based from Deuteronomy 6, the values and verses work hand-in-hand. Moses discusses in Deuteronomy 6 that God intended for family and faith-community alike that it takes a village mentality to raise spiritually-healthy children. Through this partnership of family and community mentors, God’s bigger story begins to unfold:


Book Review – Parenting Beyond Your Capacity by Reggie Joiner and Carey Nieuwhof | The Emerging Network.

stations of the cross

A great new resource from The Youth Cartel. I am looking forward to looking through this especially as we get ready to move into the Easter season at church.


You can’t dance at the after-funeral party unless you have been to the funeral.You can’t truly appreciate the glory and color and music of the resurrection unless you have felt the hard cold stone in front of the tomb.Stations of the Cross is a book of thirteen creative and dramatic lessons that will take participants into the last moments of Jesus’ life. Those who venture into these words will smell the sweat. They will feel the blood roll down his back. They will be taken to the dark place within their own souls and be invited to leave all that baggage behind in the tomb.Utilizing scripture, dramatic readings, and thought provoking questions, Steve Case provides a unique approach to curriculum that can easily be customized for individual or group use.Product includes PDF and editable word files of sessions, plus PowerPoint backgrounds and other graphic files for use in group settings or teaching contexts.

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Middle School Ministry: How Cognitive Development Shapes Identity Formation |

Put a 9-year-old girl in front of a mirror and ask her to describe herself. Her description most likely will be limited to two categories: physical characteristics she sees (“I have black hair and green eyes. I’m a little bit short.”) and specific characteristics other people have observed about her (“I have a bubbly personality, and I’m really talkative!”).

Place a 16-year-old girl in the same position, and you’ll get a very different response. In addition to the 9-year-old’s concrete responses (what can be seen and what others have observed) are her perceptions—who she perceives herself to be and who she perceives herself to be in other peoples’ eyes.

This shift is directly tied to cognitive development and the new ability to think in third person—to form an opinion or viewpoint of one’s self from a third-person perspective; and all the more abstract, to consider what others must think of me, who others think I am.

One of the many changes going on in our #jrhighmin students. Great article and thoughts.

Middle School Ministry: How Cognitive Development Shapes Identity Formation |

Retro Revival And The Return of “Goosebumps” | Ypulse

Out of all of the trends among Gen Y lately, it’s safe to say that one of the strongest ones is retro. The ’80s came back a few years ago and now the ’90s have followed suit in giving us our nostalgic fix after it was finally declared vintage. Even though the majority of Millennials were born during the ’90s, we still have memories of the late part of the decade, such as playing with our old-school Super Nintendo, being obsessed with Pokémon, wearing overalls, and surfing the internet via Windows 98. As for the early years where we can barely recall anything, bringing back the ’90s as a whole is a way for my generation to discover where our roots started.

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Making Servant-Leaders Out of Preteens | GJ Farmer’s Blog

A great post with insights on bridging your kidmin with jr. high

One of the goals of your children’s ministry should be to produce spiritually well-rounded children. If we are teaching them the Word of God but not teaching them to serve, our teaching is lopsided. We should teach them to serve so they will be ready to serve as soon as they step foot into student ministry. Some ideas for serving opportunities in your children’s ministry could include taking up offering, giving testimonies, helping lead music, cleaning up, greeting, and running audio/visual equipment. Some children may be more outgoing than others. Allow children to sign up for serving where their interests and gifts lie.

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Parenting Tweens Through Technology « Orange Parents

According to Nielsen, for example, Instagram is the top photography site among teens ages 12 to 17, with 1 million teens visiting the site during July. Nielsen doesn’t categorize Instagram as a social network. While Flickr was top photo site for the overall population in July, Instagram was the favorite among teens, Nielsen found.

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21 Under 21: Music’s Hottest Minors 2012 | Billboard

Did you catch Billboards 21 Under 21 list. Chances are your #jrhighmin students know this list like the back of their hand. 

21 Under 21: Music’s Hottest Minors 2012 | Billboard.


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