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If you are looking for an easier way to keep up to date with the teen magazines out there, YPulse makes it possible. 

The October issue also celebrates independence from advice on how to get killer confidence from Kelly Osbourne to real girl stories like an adventurous student who got lost in the woods while hiking and had to put her survival skills to the test. From fashion to lifestyle, the magazine is filled with stories and tips about how to be smart, an individual, and the best version of you.

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Chasing Cool In Youth Ministry | | Home

How do we chase cool everyday?
Do we do it without even thinking about it, or the consequences of it?

Great article that helps put “cool” into perspective.

In another words to be a “cool” and “interesting” youth pastor— one does not need to own trendy stuff, but rather needs to encounter and experience a lot of different stuff.

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“The 3 Harms” — and High Risk Conversations | Junior High Ministry

I saw this on and it is a great starting point for any volunteer training in regards to how to respond to high risk conversations.

The 3 Harms.

Being Harmed – This can include physical or sexual abuse, but also any kind of neglect or exposure to harmful materials or circumstances

Harming Others – This includes threats or abuse of other people, or even threats about it.

Harming Self – Quite a range here, from self-injury, suicidal thoughts, drug/alcohol abuse, and more.

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The Wounding Embrace

The  note was sent out by Brett Ullman last week through his various social media websites in regards to a fantastic project that I have had the privilege to work on with him. I believe like Brett that this is a much needed book for anyone that is struggling through self-injury, or anyone that knows someone that they love who is struggling and they are walking with them through it.

Brett has been very open about his health over the last months and he needs some help to get his latest project out.

Brett: “As many of you know I have been struggling with my health lately. Presently I have not been able to speak for 6 weeks. I am working through my health issues (slowly) and hope to return to speaking as soon as I can. Presently I have a dilemma which I am hoping some of you might be able to help with.

My new book (with Adam Clarke and Dr. Merry Lin) on Self Injury called Your Story: the wounding embrace is presently finished. It still needs to go to editing, printing and publication. The cost to get the book out is $5000. I think that this is a really important book and would love to get it out to people who are struggling with all forms of self injury asap. If anyone could help with a donation to this project I would really appreciate it.

You can donate online using by going to and entering “worlds apart” into the search box or cheques can be sent to Worlds Apart 68 Ashbury Blvd, Ajax, Ontario, L1Z 1M8

Thanks so much for your prayers and support during this time.”

If you can help out in any way you can click on the Canada Helps link above.

Thank you!

Leadership books every leader needs to read and re-read. –

Sam Luce posted his five books that every leader should read and re-read. I would love to hear what five books you would recommend, so that we can make a master leadership book list for any new leader.

I will be posting mine next week!


Leadership books every leader needs to read and re-read. –

KidMin | Helping Small Group Leaders Win | DanScottBlog

Another wonderful article from Dan Scott on how to help your small group leaders. Again, this crosses over into any ministry and well worth the read.

Even when you prep leader kits with more than enough supplies, a leader may need more of something. They may be their group’s only leader; they can’t leave their group without supervision. (Well, they can, but you and I know what happens when 12 forth grade boys are left unsupervised around scissors and glue…) Consider having a “runner” in the room whose primary responsibility is just to make sure leaders have their supplies. He or she can walk around the room checking in and helping leaders get what they need. This will demonstrate that you value both creating a safe place for the kids as well as the relationships they are forming in their group.

KidMin | Helping Small Group Leaders Win | DanScottBlog.

KidMin | Don’t Steal the Show | DanScottBlog

I have always appreciated Dan Scott’s kidmin blog and many times I feel that he has some great words for anyone working with jr. high students as well. This blog was especially helpful as he tackles the problem of ego and stage hosting.

At that moment, I felt the pull. It was the voice in the back of my head that said, “I could steal the show right now.” Hosts feel this almost every time they get on stage and help with a Bible story. It feels good to be the funny person that gets the crowd excited and laughing, so much so that it can go to our heads and the ego monster can take over.

I liked point 2 as well as he asks the reader to ask the question how will you help the story move forward?

How do you keep your ego in check while you are in the storytelling spotlight?
What questions do you ask yourself mentally as you lead from the front?
Do you ever take the opportunity to lead from the back of the room to help keep a check on any possible ego problems?

The full article can be found below.

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Your Power as a Leader | Michael Hyatt

A great post for any leader to read. Michael Hyatt hits four truths about leadership that need to be remembered.

As leaders, we don’t need to resist these truths. Instead, we need to be intentional with our words and actions, aware we are constantly modeling what we believe and expect. It’s not unlike parenting. More is caught than taught.

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Facebook envy prompting tweens to lie about age online – Canada – CBC News

What do you think about this article?

Dr. Mishna says it is a real dilemma, because kids shouldn’t be encouraged to lie. Then again, parents know that Facebook is a good way to stay connected with friends and family.

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Teen Social Media Infographic from Common Sense Media | Common Sense Media

 great infographic that looks at how teens view their social and digital lives.

Teen Social Media Infographic from Common Sense Media | Common Sense Media.


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